1 nov. 2016

Anime kawaii!!

Hi My name is Via.My favorite color is blue and I like to eat snow cones.My closest friends are Primavera, Kimberly Ann I call her Kimber and Ingrid, she is my best friend because she is like a sister to me.My act at the circus is animal training and I sometimes am a magician .My personality traits are bubbly,Daring,and peppy.See you soon at the circus!:
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Madoka and Homura in an Hourglass:
Caí en un sueño tan profundo que nose si seré capaz de despertar.:
「君の名は。」新ビジュアル*ngân: Top 10 Romance Anime || Your Lie In April ~ Kaori and Arima. Read More : Addilyn is from Minnesota. She can control snow and ice. She has a boyfriend named Jason. She is very loving but she has depression. Her boyfriend tries to help her the best he can.:

Bye byee!

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